Glamour 1st Nail Spa

It is not only a pedicure. Enjoy our Shiatsu massaging loungers with Whirlpool foot spa with every pedicure you will enjoy a foot reflexology to relax.
French Pedicure
Change Polish
Callus Removal
Add Color Gel

We pride ourselves on our pedicure techniques .No detail is ignored as we thoroughly clean, groom and restore the condition of your feet.

Hot Stone Pedicure — (include 10 min massage)
Hot stones are basalts, or black volcanic rocks that absorb and retain heat well. Our specialty massage treatment use smooth, heated stones with aromatic massage oil. It is a deeply soothing, relaxing form of massage. The heat helps to relax tight muscles and to relieve tension in the body, followed by cucumber cream to moisturize your feet.

Paraffin pedicure —  (include callus removal and 15 min massage)
Intense therapeutic treatment using aromatic paraffin wax to stimulate blood circulation leaving skin feeling soft rejuvenated.

Green tea spa pedicure— (include 15 min massage)
Zen-like style pedicure re-hydrates and relaxes stressed-out skin. Green tea contains antioxidants& healing properties that promote anti-aging and stimulate younger healthier skin. It will also detoxify your body.

Milk and Honey spa pedicure —  (include 15 min massage and callus removal)
A mixture of milk and honey smoothes and moisturizes tired feet. Honey has protecting antioxidant properties that act as skin rejuvenators, and also has humectants properties that trap and seal in moisture leaving skin soft and supple.

Glamour spa Pedicure—  (include callus removal and 20 min massage)
A remarkable line of products based on physiotherapy and aromatherapy to cleanse, deodorize, moisturize, and protect against infections and make the skin silky smooth and radiant.
This natural healing system promotes physical and mental inner balance.

**** Any pedicure add 10 min massage
**** Any pedicure get free heel paraffin treatment. (paraffin pedicure include full feet paraffin treatment)